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VWORLD 2.0 Latest NewsVWORLD 2.0 𝐱 XE88


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VWORLD 2.0 Latest News⚠️⚠️⚠️High amount recharge notice⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Customer service bank transfer recharge minimum limit recharge RM100
  • You must use the real name of your platform account. Authenticated consistent bank account for transfer.
  • Every time you make a customer service bank transfer, please be sure to contact the customer service to obtain the latest recharge bank account on the platform.
  • Since the top-up bank account of this platform will be changed from time to time, if you recharge the money to the old bank account without authorization, your top-up order will be canceled and will not be refunded, and any behavior will cause your loss

⚠️The company is not responsible at all⚠️

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VWORLD 2.0 Latest NewsCompany clarification notice

Shareholders/members please pay attention

The above information is consistent with our Vworld 2.0 It doesn’t matter. When you register our company account We already have your data . The company will not ask you for any additional your profile.

If your information is leaked, your account will be stolen. Nothing to do with the company. The company is not responsible at all. Thank you!